Effectively fix play in joints. 

Play that develops between the pivot bolt and the bolt hole in the joints in construction and forestry machinery when machines get older is a well known problem for most machine constractors. When the machine is new, the pivot bolts and hole tolerances are very accurate, but the hole must always be larger than the pivot bolt so it can be fitted.

With time, the play between the pivot bolt and the hole in the joint is exposed to wear and knocks during the work and the material expands, and the holes in the mounting lugs become oval in shape.Typical places where mounting lugs become oval are on the joints for the hydraulic cylinders’ piston heads on a machine’s pivot joint, on the boom on an excavator and also on forestry machinery.



x-tapp konisk ände     x-tapp rak tapp
X-Tapp bolt with conical end     Traditional straight bolt


Reduced downtime and repair is permanent!

The X-Tapp is a simple, quick and a guaranteed safe solution to the problem. Your monetary savings become clear when you repair worn lugs with a conical X-Tapp. Both assembly and disassembly are easy and can be carried out with the machine at the work site. No transport costs for the machine are incurred, no welding or machining work, no expensive and prolonged downtime. Despite the speed and simplicity, the repaired bolt is completely free from play.

This means cost-efficiency and reliability throughout machine’s remaining service life! When an
X-Tapp has been fitted to the mounting lugs, there is no longer any need to worry about problems caused by wear and tear. An X-Tapp joint is free from play.



This is how X-Tapp works:


The X-Tapp is fitted as a replacement for the original bolt, directly in the worn mounting lugs without the need for welding or reaming.

A washer presses the cone sleeve over the conical part of the bolt.

The cone sleeve widens laterally in the worn out lug and eliminates all play

Depending on the available space, tightening can be carried out at both ends or at one end

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